Schnell, Philipp; Kohlbacher, Josef; Reeger, Ursula
In: Ryan, Luise; Erel, Umut; D`Angelo, Alessio (Eds.). Migrant Capital: Networks, Identities and Strategies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 188-206.
Publication year: 2015

This chapter analyses the local network embeddedness of migrants and their descendants in three different Viennese neighbourhoods and explores the impact it has on community cohesion. We argue that not only are individual characteristics key for the formation of migrants’ networks, but also neighbourhood conditions, as they provide opportunity structures for establishing both bridging and bonding ties and therefore significantly shape access to resources. The three neighbourhood case studies were selected for the diversity they represent in terms of locality, structural features, and their socio-economic and ethnic composition. Using data gathered as part of the 2010 GEITONIES survey we offer an exploration of if, why and how migrants access, develop and maintain different types of local networks in different social and spatial contexts.